Empowering a Resourceful Community

Empowering a Resourceful Community As CEO of Change Makers Academy (CMA) Nonprofit Organization, each of our initiatives were developed from the mantra “Empowerment through Exposure” with strategic priority on Mentorship, Scholarship and Citizenship. Ensuring that youth and residents of our city were exposed to the resources that is made available to them. As City Councilman, I will continue to fight for our needs, implement initiatives that would reduce the crime rate in our city, advocate for life sustaining resources and ensuring transparency of the governmental processes that effort your future.

The time is NOW to RISE UP. Get INVOLVED!


Community Servant

Pastor Robert L. Stephens III Born in Miami, FL to the parents of Tabetha Dudley and Robert Stephens II. Robert Stephens – South Florida Faith Leader, Change Agent, & Educator. Robert attended Miami Dade College, North Campus and while attending Miami Dade College, Robert had the wonderful opportunity to be employed with the college for six years. The experience that Robert has gained while working at the North and Medical Campus of Miami Dade College has positioned him to higher gains in various components in higher education, financial aid, admissions, registration, recruitment, student success strategies, and student engagement. Robert is currently employed with Barry University, Biomedical Sciences Program where he continue assisting students pursue their post- secondary educational goals and provide support to Faculty.



Committed to the mantra “Empowerment through Exposure”, as your City Councilman I will work with our school board representatives to ensure that youth in our communities are receiving a quality education in a nice safe environment, partner with local colleges and universities to expose residents to vocational training, and ensure that the community is aware of scholarships to assist with post-secondary educational goals.

Public Safety/Neighborhood Protection

With gun violence remaining a huge matter in our communities, Robert will work with law enforcement, non-profit organizations, and other community leaders to stop senseless violence in our communities. The time is now for us to rise up and take our community back from the hands of criminals.

Community Resources/Partnership

As Co-Founder and CEO of Change Makers Academy, our service mindset developed immensely since our inaugural program. We partnered with a few local nonprofits to offer programming in an effort to develop a wraparound program for the at-risk student population. I lead a community toy drive where we collected over 300 toys for local foster homes during the 2017 holiday season and conducted a Help for Haiti initiative that allowed us to take crates of supplies and students to Port Au Prince, Haiti to serve in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. As your City Councilman I will continue to pour life sustaining resources into our communities and create lifelong partnerships that the future generation can benefit from.



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